15 reasons every business needs a blog

November 16th, 2009 by Dave Blake Leave a reply »

There is little doubt that those businesses that update their websites with regular, unique, knowledgeable business blog content do much better in Google and other search engines than those that don’t.In a nutshell, good business blog content keep visitors on the website, and attract relevant incoming links from social media, industry websites, discussion lists and forums.Aside from search engine optimisation, there are two other important benefits of business blogging: direct sales and brand awareness.Top internet marketing expert Chris Garret reckons that business blogging is simply unbeatable when it comes to creating quality incoming links.  He says that business blog posts bring targeted, quality prospects that most often evolve into solid sales leads. This all comes from the large amount of added attention that is created by a business blog.Read the full  http://www.Newsvend.com article on the 15 reasons why every business needs a business blog here.


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