Avoiding accident at work claims

August 12th, 2010 by Dave Blake Leave a reply »

It might seem a bit of an odd topic to write about, but a friend of mind had a nasty experience earlier this year at work and I though it an idea to let ya’ll know, so it doesn’t happen at your workplace.The business was expanding and was building an extra annex to the building. An interconnected door was needed to link to the main office and the building workers had inadvertently left a piece of  wood lying partly across the adjacent corridor.As luck would have it, my friend Marcia walked past nonchalantly with a coffee in her hand  and just caught the end of the timber with the toe of her shoe.She sailed head over heels and landed awkwardly, twisting her knee and immediately tearing her cruciate ligament.The poor woman was laid up for some time waiting for the swelling to go down before she could have an operation to repair the knee. This involved slicing a piece of her hamstring and sewing it into the knee. Ouch.Her company was clearly at fault for not having effective work safety procedures in place. They would also have saved themselves a hefty accident at work claim.  All workers have a legal right to be able to work in places where threats to their personal safety are managed and are under control. In this instance they should have assessed the risks of having onsite construction going and as a result of that assessment, they should have ensured that this corridor was closed during the period when construction work was going on, or properly partitioning off the area. Employers, take note!


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